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About Cardanopick

Cardanopick was created for everyone who wants to support the Cardano ecosystem but doesn’t know how.

More info about the project goals, stats and roadmap soon.

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Right now the Wallet-Connection only serves two purposes:
a) to test the CardanoPress Plugin
b) as a anonymous login/auth system
Why is a login needed?
Some form of Login is needed so you can keep track of you personal task-lists and we can create and share community-stats so see what is being worked on at the moment, and where more hands are needed.
In the future we could add nft- or token-rewards for participating or completing tasks. 
But I’ll need a bit of time to implement that.
No, not really.
Technically it’s a WordPress-Page on a Server + the CardanoPress Plugin
This is by choice because:
a) I don’t think everything needs to be decentralized (especially if it’s not touching any critical personal data)
b) the project is an experiment on how „normal people“ (non-developers) can build something on cardano
Hope that makes sense. 🙂

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